Songs for Christmas

Emily Smith

Record Details



  1. Find Hope -:-- / 0:40
  2. Christ Has My Hairt -:-- / 0:40
  3. God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen -:-- / 0:47
  4. Heard From Heaven Today -:-- / 0:43
  5. Little Road to Bethlehem -:-- / 0:29
  6. Merry Christmas to All and Goodnight -:-- / 0:43
  7. The Blessing of Mary -:-- / 0:41
  8. Silent Night -:-- / 1:14
  9. Winter Song -:-- / 0:47
  10. Santa Will Find You -:-- / 0:42
  11. The Parting Glass -:-- / 0:44
  12. A Life That’s Good -:-- / 0:44

On Songs For Christmas Emily presents a beautifully crafted album of original and traditional material drawn from her folk background. Forgotten gems such as the ancient Scots ‘Christ Has My Hairt, Ay’ (lyrics trad/music Alan Reid) and the soulful traditional American ballad ‘Heard From Heaven Today’ feature alongside contemporary covers and popular carols.  Smith’s songwriting also features with two originals ‘Winter Song’ and the single ‘Find Hope’.

Joining Emily on ‘Songs For Christmas’ are regular collaborators: Jamie McClennan (fiddle, guitar, vocals), Matheu Watson (guitars, viola) and Ross Hamilton (bass, drums, vocals).

The material for Songs For Christmas has been written and collected over the last few years in response to the popularity of Emily’s annual Christmas show held in her home region of Dumfries & Galloway, Scotland. Growing every year the show has developed into a tour of the region and in 2016 will be going nationwide. In Songs For Christmas Emily has created an album of songs that inspire, comfort and celebrate Christmas and the winter season. The album was recorded and co-produced by Jamie McClennan who has worked with Emily since the beginning of her career. Co-produced and mixed by Brandon Bell in Zac Brown’s studio ‘Southern Ground Nashville’.